Janie Hutchison

Softball coordinator


45 - 83 Main Road, Belair SA. 5052




Game times – Games are on a Saturday, at either 08.30 or 09.45, for an hour.   Players are to arrive half an hour before the game starts.  Games are played on a home and away schedule with other local private and government schools.

Trainings –  WEDNESDAY after school 3.15 – 4.30 on the school oval.

Batting Practice – FRIDAY before school 7.45 – 8.30 am, on the school oval.

Teams– Teams are selected primarily based on year level although we generally have composite teams of a few year levels.  The majority of players will determine what year level the team plays in. A GRADE (years 6-7) play with a hard ball and have players pitching.  B1 GRADE (years 4-5) use a softer ball and have an adult pitching.  B2 GRADE (years 2-4) use a softer ball and bat from a tee.

Equipment – Gloves, bats and helmets are provided but if you would like to use your own please bring it along.  All catchers’ gear is provided. Mouth-guards are required for all players for training and games.

Uniform– Softball will provide sports tops on a loan basis at no cost to you.  Navy shorts or skirts to be worn.  Long blue socks are not compulsory but can be bought from Intersport at Blackwood.  School hats may be worn, but our baseball style Belair caps are better and available for $15.  Please pay for caps at the front office and collect from Janie.  

Fees – Fees are $30 per term or $55 if paying for term 1 and 4 at the start of term 1.  Registration forms and payment to be completed prior to the first game.  Forms are available and payment made at the front office. 

Coaching/Managing/Assisting – Please contact me if you are able to help with any of these roles.

Contact – Please contact Janie if you have any queries

Janie Hutchison

Belair PS Softball Coordinator

0406 627 277