Belair has been involved in competition debating for over ten years. All Middle School students participate in a debating information session at the beginning of the year. Students gain an understanding of a variety of things such as:

  • what is a debate
  • affirmative/negative sides
  • roles within the team
  • structure of a debate

At the end of this, students can apply to join the debating team. Selection is based on a range of criteria including general confidence, clarity of voice, ability to think quickly and logically and co-operation and listening skills.

Once the team is selected students participate in specialised training, usually on weekends, to equip them with beginning debating skills. Students work collaboratively throughout the debating season and participate in 5 debates as part of Debating SA’s interschool competition. These debates are held during terms two and three every year and are currently held at Pulteney Grammar School.

Competitions are zoned and students compete after school hours against similarly skilled teams from other schools. Belair debaters gain confidence in public speaking, enhance their logical and lateral thinking skills, gain insight into varied views, and enjoy social interaction with other like-minded students.

Debaters may have the opportunity to attend Senior Grand Finals during term four.

Student Representative Council Executive

The Student Representative Council (SRC) consists of 6 Yr 7’s who have been selected by their peers to represent them within the school and to help make our school a better place. The Student Representative Council has a male and a female president and an executive whose tasks include:- representing the students at meetings, welcoming guests to the school, speaking at official gatherings, running SRC meetings and assisting with the running of the R-7 Student Representative Council. There are various roles such as the Secretary who records the minutes of Student Representative Council meetings and distributes them to each class, the Project Officers who organise events for the school including casual days and other fundraisers that we decide to undertake. We have 2 other positions in the Student Representative Council . They are a male and a female Junior Primary Officer and they run the Junior Primary Student Council meetings and report back in the Primary Student Council meetings. The Student Representative Council is always keen to hear ideas and receive feedback from students to help make Belair Primary School a better learning environment.

Tournament of Minds Tournament of Minds is an Australian wide problem solving program for teams of students from both primary and secondary years. Teams are required to solve demanding challenges demonstrating their solutions in exciting, creative, vibrant and public ways. Tournament of Minds is an opportunity for students to work collaboratively from one of the following disciplines:

  • Applied Technology
  • Language Literature
  • Maths Engineering
  • Social Sciences

More information is available on their website