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As in previous years we plan to run teams in the senior Grades (A, B, and C) as well as the Kanga teams. Typically A Grade is comprised of players from Year 7/6, B Grade from Year 6/5, C grade from Years 3 – 5. Kanga players are typically from Years 1 – 3.

The Nomination Process for 2020: Parents or players will need to collect a registration form from the front office, complete the details for your child and return the form to the school with the appropriate fee (see below) by the last Friday of term 4. If you can please try to complete your registration form and return it to the front office before the end of term it would be very helpful.

Teams and Play: Teams will be based on the returned registration forms and expressions of intent. Players will be placed in teams appropriate to their year/skill level and as near as possible with players from similar classes. Games are on Saturday mornings and usually begin in Week 2 or 3 of Term 1.

Grade Cricket vs Kanga: For younger players (Years 1 – 3) – Kanga Cricket is recommended. This form of the game is faster paced and uses soft balls and plastic bats. No previous cricket experience is required and the main goal of Kanga cricket is to get kids used to the game and to develop some skills. However, children that have played organised cricket previously (e.g. club cricket, Milo T20 blast, Rising Stars) may find Kanga a bit basic for their liking. In this case, we can move players up to a younger C grade side. Please contact the coordinator to discuss this option.

Fees: $60 for players in senior teams (A, B, & C) and $25 for Kanga players. Fees cover the season which includes both Terms 1 & 4.

Uniform: Senior players: white cricket trousers and white collared shirt. Shirt should be tucked into pants during matches. The school has a range of equipment available, but players may bring their own equipment as well. It is also a good idea to purchase an abdominal guard (box). Kanga players: Blue shorts and school shirt.

Coaches, Training: As occurs every year, we may require more coaches to help out with teams. School cricket cannot run without parent support! We need parents to take responsibility for their child’s sport. It is a great opportunity to spend time with your child and others. You also don’t need to be a cricket expert or buff. If you are interested please contact me. Coaching is not too time consuming and all the rules, hints and tips will be provided. In the past we have had two parents share coaching responsibility for a team, which seems to work very well.

Training is arranged by the coach at the time and venue that most suits their availability. Training is usually straight after school but may start later depending on the coach. Once players and coaches are established, coaches will contact players and advise of the training details.

If your child (boys and girls) would like to play in 2019, please complete the registration details as soon as possible.