Classroom Music

Classroom music is offered to all students as part of the Australian Curriculum – The Arts strand. Students will participate in a series of lessons during one semester throughout the year.

Instrumental Music

At Belair Primary School, Instrumental Music Brass, Woodwind, Percussion and String lessons are offered. The program is publicly funded and teachers are allocated by Instrumental Music (IM), Department for Education. Instrumental lessons are in small groups with instruments able to be hired through the school at a specified hire fee. Lessons are held during normal school times.

Individual music lessons are available to students via private provider, Mr Bray, who offers lessons during school time. Times of lessons are negotiated with the classroom teacher and music teacher. Mr Bray can teach a wide range of instruments including: Piano, Guitar, Drums. These lessons incur tuition fees.

Please contact the Front Office for additional information.

Music Concert

The term 4 music concert is a highlight of the school year. It is the culmination of the hard work and commitment that the students have put in throughout the year. Students perform various pieces of music ranging from classical to contemporary and also individually as well as in ensembles. All students who receive tuition at the school are able to participate.


The school provides opportunity for year 5 and 6 students to participate in the annual Public Schools’ Festival of Music at the Festival Theatre each year.  The Choir performs at assemblies and in the community when invited.  Students in other years have the opportunity to participate in singing as part of the regular curriculum.