General Capabilities and Cross Curriculum Priorities in the Australian Curriculum

The Australian Curriculum sets out the essential knowledge, understanding and skills students need to learn, and the quality of learning that is expected of the students as they progress through the first 11 years of schooling.
The Australian Curriculum is designed to prepare young people for the future world in which they will learn, and prepares them to respond to the challenges that will continue to shape their world. It sets out the priorities and aspirations we hold for all our young people. The curriculum represents what the Australian community values as the knowledge, understanding and skills that young people should attain.
The Australian Curriculum gives special attention to the following three cross curriculum priorities:

These priorities are embedded across the R – 6 programme of inquiry.


At Belair Primary School sustainability is a strong focus and it features throughout the programme of inquiry. Students have established a range of eco-kids groups, managing a range of environmental initiatives across the school.

A voluntary Rokewood Scrub Club is held each Friday lunch time. Lead by our Principal and Grounds-keeper, students participate in a range of activities, including weeding, mulching, grounds maintenance and the protection of the grounds, native plants and animals.

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