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Registrations are now closed.


As the Football season is fast approaching, it is time to finalise teams for the winter competition. Please see below for information regarding football programs that are offered by St Johns/Belair Primary. If you would like your child to be involved in a Primary Football team please complete the attached registration form and return to the Front Office.

Auskick is available for R-1 students. Auskick provides children with some understanding about football and the skills involved. We encourage all Year 2 children who attended our Auskick program last year to be involved in this year’s Saturday morning competition. .

Years 2 & 3
We would love to have year 2 and 3 students join our Saturday morning competition. Unlike some other sports, school football suits all physiques and is virtually ‘non contact’ at the Year 2 and Year 2/3 levels. Games are played Saturday morning and usually start at 8.30am. The quarters are 10 minutes long, with a 2 min break at quarter and three quarter time and 5 minutes at half time. Some of the rules are as follows:

  • There is no tackling, bumping or snatching the ball from another player.
  • Bouncing is not allowed or running more than 10 metres with the ball.
  • Players cannot kick the ball to themselves as it must be touched by another player after disposal.
  • There is no ‘soccering’ off the ground.
  • There are no rucks.
  • If a pack develops the umpire will select 2 players to jump for the ball at the throw-up.
  • Years 2 is 12 a side while 2/3 can be 12- 15 a side, but this will vary depending on the opposing team numbers.
  • Each player will be allocated a specific position, and that position will be in a zoned area – forward, back or centre.
  • The zones will be marked on the ground and the centre zone players are given a wristband.
  • Players are moved between the zones each quarter so that they experience all positions.
  • The players cannot leave their zones, but can move around freely within the zone. This is to discourage a huge pack from shuffling up and down the oval.

While scores are kept for each game in order to ensure that teams are placed in the appropriate Division at the mid year review, we do not maintain a ‘ladder’. The purpose is to ensure that the children enjoy themselves. It is not all about ‘winning at all costs’.

A registration form is included with this letter. We encourage your child to play football for the school and for you to join the other parents and have some fun on Saturday mornings in terms 2&3. If you would like to be involved in coaching the Year 2s or Year 2/3s please advise the Footy Coordinator. It would be great to have you join the coaching panel (training for coaches is also available).

Years 4, 5 & 6
We are looking for more players for both the Year 4/5s and the Year 6/7s, so please encourage your son or daughter to think about joining their mates this year.  We are also looking for some parents to assist with coaching, both 4/5 and 6/7 teams so if you are interested please contact the Footy Coordinator to express your interest.

General information
The first game for all teams will be held on Saturday  (tbc week 2, term 2). Therefore, practice will commence in the first week after the forthcoming holidays. More information will be provided in the near future. Training for all teams will be held at Belair Primary School, usually 3.45-4.45pm (day TBC). Games are played on Saturday morning at home and away venues. Each player is provided with a guernsey. However, navy blue shorts and knee length socks will need to be purchased. These items are available from Intersport Sports Store (formerly Champs) at 2b/205 Main Road, Blackwood.

Registration & Fee
We seek your cooperation in registering your son or daughter by completing two registration forms: one for Belair Primary School PLUS  a registration page on the SANFL website (click here to register) (as the Schools competition is now under the auspices of the SANFL) and now provides the essential insurance coverage.

Fees for this year, (which cover Team Registration, equipment, presentation etc) will be $70.00 per player. 

An administration fee of $30 per child is payable once per calendar year. This covers all sports played.

We look forward to another enjoyable year of School Football and encourage parents and children to become involved in our truly Australian game, but at a more leisurely pace than local Club football.