Pastoral Care Worker

Belair Primary School are pleased to offer the Pastoral Care Program to students and parents. The program focuses on student well-being and is a valued resource in our school community.  The Pastoral Care Worker is available for the overall pastoral care of students and families and will at all times respect the secular character of government schools, as well as the culture and beliefs of individuals within the school.

The Pastoral Care Worker:

  • Works in cooperation with staff to support students and families
  • Is a resource for staff addressing social and religious issues within the curriculum
  • Assists students who require extra support
  • Is available to students and parents as a listener and support person
  • Provides information regarding resources and agencies available to assist families
  • Works with others in the school and its community to develop services, programs and strategies that meet the needs of students at our school


Parents are also welcome to catch up with the Pastoral Care Worker through:

  • Individual meetings
  • Parent Support Groups
  • By phone or e-mail


Sara Walding has been our Pastoral Care Worker since 2003. She has had training in a number of programs to support students and families including social skills, anxiety, grief and loss. As a pastoral care worker, Sara is required to have a Certificate IV in Pastoral Care and undertake additional professional development training each year. Sara is also a qualified counsellor with a Master’s Degree in Counselling.

Sara can be contacted through the front office or via email