Belair Primary School was the first school to start teaching Japanese, beginning in 1987. Students start their learning in Reception and it continues for the entirety of their schooling at Belair.

All classes participate in 2 Japanese lessons per week which equals 100 minutes of learning. Languages are a vital and important part of the IBPY program. The Japanese program is well resourced and well supported by the school community.

Since 1999, Belair Primary School and Momoyama Elementary School in Kyoto, Japan, have been sister schools. It’s main aim is to promote international friendship between Belair and Momoyama students and staff through an exchange program.

Every two* years a group of 30 – 40 Middle School students with staff travel to Kyoto for approximately two weeks. The exchange is hosted in families homes and our students attend school each day. In the alternate year, Momoyama students and staff visit Belair. This has become an integral part of the program at Belair and receives strong support from the school community.

*Please note that due to COVID-19 our exchange program with Momoyama has been paused.